Chet in the 1970s

Chet recorded 282 sides during the 1970s. Click on the year in the above secondary menu to view details for that year.

This decade saw the release of “Yestergroovin’“, “Pickin’ My Way“, “Picks On The Hits“, “Alone“, “Picks On Jerry Reed“, “Goes To The Movies“, “For The Good Times“, and “Me And My Guitar“.

Chet spent much of his recording time with others in the 1970s. He released duet albums with Jerry Reed (“Me And Jerry” and “Me And Chet“), with Merle Travis (“Atkins – Travis Traveling Show“), with Les Paul (“Chester And Lester” and “Guitar Monsters“), and with Doc Watson (“Reflections“). On the album “In Concert With Host Charley Pride“, he performed with Dolly Parton, Ronnie Milsap, Jerry Reed, Gary Stewart, and of course, Charley Pride. On “Best Of Chet Atkins & Friends” he performed with Boots Randolph, Danny Davis & Nashville Brass, Lenny Breau, Les Paul, Ray Stevens, Johnny Gimble, Hank Snow, Jerry Reed, Dolly Parton, and Merle Travis.

He released 4 Nashville String Band Albums – “Down Home“, “Identified“, “Strung Up“, and “The Bandit“.

He recorded “The First Nashville Guitar Quartet” with John Knowles, Liona Boyd, and John Pell. He released an album called “Superpickers” with some of the best studio musicians in Nashville. “The Night Atlanta Burned” was released under the Atkins String Company moniker.

Chet won 5 Grammys for Best Country Instrumental Performance in the 1970s:

For “Me And Jerry” in 1970;
For Snowbird (from “For The Good Times“) in 1971;
For “The Atkins-Travis Traveling Show” in 1974;
For The Entertainer (from “Goes To The Movies“) in 1975;
For “Chester And Lester” in 1976.


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