Oh By Jingo! Oh By Gee! (You’re The Only Girl For Me)

Lew Brown & Albert Von Tilzer


Recorded on March 18, 1953 at RCA Victor Studio 1, 155 East 24th St., New York, NY. Musicians on this session were Grady Martin, Jerry Byrd, Charles Grean, and Phil Kraus. It was produced by Stephen Sholes. Initially issued on Stringin’ Along With (45EP / 1953 / RCA Victor / EPB-3163) . Additional issues include: Gallopin’ Guitar (CD / 1993 / Bear Family / BCD 15714), which was also issued as High Rockin’ Swing (CD / 2004 / Universe / UV-123).. A transcription of Chet’s version of this song has not been officially published.

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