The Chet Atkins Pedagogy Project was launched on November 7, 2011. Therefore, it is very much in the beginning stages of development.

The purpose of this project is to give both students and teachers a convenient resource for integrating the techniques, styles, and musical ideas of history’s greatest guitarist into music study programs for their students.

Clicking one of the decades above will drop down a menu of individual years. Clicking on a year will take you to a page about Chet’s playing activities during that year, including a chronological table of his commercially issued recordings. In this table, clicking the Song Title will direct you a discussion about both the song itself and Chet’s approach to arranging and playing it.

The Blog includes announcements of content updates (i.e. when a new Song Article/Discussion is added), as well as general articles on integrating the genius of Chet Atkins into your instructional style, your methodologies, and your course outlines.  Subscribing to will keep you informed of new content.

Lastly, The Chet Atkins Pedagogy Project sincerely welcomes all Chet Atkins enthusiasts to participate with their thoughts and ideas via the Comment Form, available at the bottom of every page on this site, or by submitting a Guest Article (topics could be your thoughts on learning particular song or technique, general thoughts about learning Chet’s music, historical observations, or even just a personal reflection of what Chet has meant to you).

Randy Finney